What readers are saying

[The story] just starts and goes, as life does, just this tiny slice of life, small but vast because of its specificity . . . snippets of everyday life that resonate with meaning.

P.P. in Toronto, Ontario

Unfolds in a sort of quiet but sure way that I am immediately there for and never lose track of . . . Funny in the way truth is funny.

N.S. in Cambridge, Ontario

I know that it’s fiction but it seems very real.

E.D. in Ottawa, Ontario

Poignant . . . insightful

C.W. in Owen Sound, Ontario

Beautiful and heart wrenching . . . brings the moment to life vividly with so few words.

K.L. in Orangeville, Ontario

Understated pathos . . . subtle but moving . . . light touches of humour

L.A. in Fredericton, New Brunswick

A real knack for getting inside [her] characters' heads.

T.K., Portland, Oregon

Spare writing –  no words wasted

D.G. in Gananoque, Ontario

Margaret has a lively imagination and writes in a mature manner.

Mrs. L. Ellison, Grade 5 teacher at Drayton Junior Public School, Report Card, March 1970

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